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China-GB 2760-2014 The Usage of Food Additives
Including the food addtives in GB 2760-2014 and its supplementary announcements.
China-GB 14880-2012 The Usage of Food Nutrition Enhancers
Including the nutrition enhancers in GB 14880-2012 and its supplementary announcements.
China-List of Common Food Raw Materials
Including thousands of pieces of information on common food raw materials available in China.
China-Approval List of New Food Raw Materials (Novel Food)
Including the new food raw materials approved by Chinese regulatory authorities since 2008.
China-List of New Raw Materials for Termination of Review
Including the substances for the final termination of review of new food raw materials and relevant conclusions
China-List of Substances Traditionally Considered as Both Food and Chinese Medicine
Including substances which can be conventionally regarded as both food and Chinese medicine.
China-List of Strains Available in Food
Including the strains avaliable in food in China.
China-List of Strains Available in Infants and Young Children Food
Including the strains available in infant and young children food in China.
China-List of Strains Available in Health Food
Including the fungal strains and probiotics available in health food.
China-Health Food Raw Materials Directory
Including the nutriton supplements and functional raw materials available for health food filing in China.
China-Available Excipients for Health Food Filing (2021 version)
Collected according to the latest version of "Regulations on the Available Excipients and Their Use for Health Food Filing Products".
China-List of Substances Allowed in Functional Health Food
Collected according to Annex 2 of the former MOH Notice of No. 51, 2002.
China-Announcements on Registration Health Food Raw Materials
Including the supplementary announcements for registration health food raw materials in China.
China-List of Substances in Soliciting Public Opinions
Including the new food raw materials, new food additives that in soliciting public opinions in China.
China-Inventory of Prohibited/Restricted Food Substances
Including the prohibited/restricted food substances in China.
China-List of Application Acceptance for New Food Materials and New Food Additives
Including the new food raw materials and new food additives under techincal review in China.
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ChinaFoodDB, developed by CIRS Group, is a digital compliance service platform targeting at food additives, food raw materials, common food, and special food industries including health food. Based on the latest China Food Raw Materials and Regulatory Database and professional regulatory technical consulting services, it seeks to assist food enterprises in accelerating product research and development, entering the market more quickly, and lowering compliance risks for products.
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